Why Proper Clothing is Important During Exercise

Why Proper Clothing is Important During Exercise


Usually, when talking about exercise, we mostly focus on the physical aspects of it. We focus on the advantages our body will experience through exercise.

It’s mostly talk about how many reps you’re able to and the health goals you want to achieve. However, one important thing that we don’t talk about is proper gym clothing.

It’s common for people to head to the gym in their usual attire and being unware about how such clothes are restricting their movements.

Below is a list of 4 reasons for why clothing happens to be an important part of an exercise routine and why you should invest in good quality exercise clothing.

  1. The right athletic clothing boosts confidence

The choice of clothes you wear is sure to be translated in your personality and the actions you carry out when you’re at the gym.

Wearing clothes that you like or that reflect your personality would inevitably lead to an increase in your motivation, thus, urging you to workout in an efficient manner at the gym.

Furthermore, studies in the field of cognition, termed as "enclothed cognition,” have shown the positive impact of wearing the right clothes to the gym.

Looking at an image of yourself wearing the right gym clothes sends signals to your brain that help to boost confidence. It makes you feel ready for the workout you’ll be doing at the gym.  

  1. The correct sports apparel improves performance

Exercising requires particular movements. Whether it is yoga, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), cycling, or more, you need the right kind of clothes to help your body move in the required manner.

For example, wearing yoga pants can help extend your legs to achieve the right pose without restricting movements. Similarly, sweatpants or gym shorts can help you perform high intensity exercises without feeling that your legs aren’t able to move to the extent you want them to.

Wearing denim shorts or jeans is just going to restrict your movement levels. 

Even a cotton shirt can help absorb sweat quickly and not make you feel sticky and gross while you’re exercising.

  1. The right workout gear adds protection and prevents injuries

When talking about proper exercise clothes, your shoes and gloves fall under this category too. The right gear can help to prevent injuries. For example, the use of gloves in gyms is recommended to avoid the development of calluses on your palms.

Also, wearing shoes that are not the right size can cause blisters, cramps and slips that would slow you down or cause other injuries, some of which may be permanent. So, make sure you have the right gear for the kind of workouts you wish to perform.

  1. Aid in recovery after exercise

Although different studies have shown varying results, it is still advised by many health experts that you should consider wearing compression clothing. Such clothing can help improve overall blood circulation and assist in recovery once you’re done with the exercise. You can go for compression shirts, pants, sleeves, and even socks.

Wrapping it Up

Every sport has its specific uniform so that an athlete can do their best. Similarly, you need to wear clothing that helps you give your best during any kind of exercise you do. Whether it’s jogging, cycling, yoga, Pilates, or more, the importance of clothing in exercise can’t be ignored.

The right workout outfit will provide you with the freedom of movement and confidence you need to perform in the most efficient manner.