The Five Best Gym Clothes For Men!

The Five Best Gym Clothes For Men!


With advancing times, exercises and gyms have evolved and become more advanced and efficient. The same goes for available gym clothes; they too have evolved into something which is not only comfortable and good-looking but also accentuates the best parts of the body.

Moreover, proper gym clothes are essential to reaping the full benefits of exercise. You can't exercise properly in uncomfortable clothes.

Five of the best gym clothes are:

  1. Compression Shirts

These are form-fitting shirts, available in short as well as long sleeves. They are extremely comfortable while exercising and great at absorbing sweat. During exercise, their tightness gives support to the torso and prevents chafing and rashes.

It is claimed that these act as second skins and help in squeezing blood back to the heart thus improving circulation and cutting down on fatigue. These qualities compliment the exercise program by increasing its effectiveness and efficiency.

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  1. Gym Shorts

They should be simple, preferably of neutral color and made from a soft, breathable material. Their length should end just slightly above the knees. As these are loose fitting, they stay cool and comfortable as one heats up during exercise. Some of these shorts have a slit at their sides, which further prevents any movement you want to make from feeling restricted.

  1. Gym Shirt

It should be comfortable and made from fabric that suits you and your climate. It will be a bit of a trial and error when it comes to figuring out exactly what likes and needs the fabric to be. The qualities to consider for a good gym shirt fabric are that it should be breathable, moisture-wicking and quick drying. These qualities will stop bacterial growth seen with excessive sweating and heat thus enhancing good health.

Beyond fabric type, construction and style of the shirt are also essential. You can also go for generic and reliable brands as they not only look good but will be more durable and last longer.

  1. Sleeveless Gym Shirt

These gym shirts are particularly good for hot climates or for those who sweat very heavily during their work-out. But when buying sleeveless gym shirt, do not disregard your body type, as looking good is also an integral part of your gym attire.

Basically, sleeveless gym shirts are made for athletic physiques; emphasizing muscular built but also providing the ease and freedom of movement for the exercising body. Average to stocky body types are better off wearing sleeveless gym shirts that fit loosely on the body. This look gives an overall impression of a healthy body and does not draw attention to individual muscles which have not reached their fine sculptured look as yet.

There is a golden rule of showing skin when wearing a sleeveless gym shirt. Ethics and norms of the society also apply in the gym. The amount of skin showing around your neck should be moderate. Don't go for a deep V-neck. Moreover, the armholes should not descend further than your first rib.

  1. Tapered Sweatpants

This is a must-have for your gym wardrobe. Designers have redesigned the baggy sweatpants into a better fitting and looking garment, which is not only comfortable but also allows ease of movement during exercise. Depending on the kinds of circles you move in, you might even be ready to wear sweatpants when meeting other people.

So, go ahead and add these five best gym clothes for men to your wardrobe and allow them to help you get the most from your workout sessions!

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